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2:20 mins, 2017

Eye of the Storm (2015) was originally built as a four-channel sculptural video installation that referenced the shape of a hurricane eye and its rain bands. In this 360° full-dome adaptation, the swirling cloud-like forms and soundscape further envelop the viewer.


Nov 3-11, 2017

Geneva International Film Festival | Program: Virtual Territories | Geneva, Switzerland

Oct 12-15, 2017

Swissnex Dome | HUBweek: Immersion | Boston, MA USA

Documentation location: swissnex Dome | HUBweek: Immersion | Boston, MA | Oct 2017

Documentation: Main Camera & Assistant Editor: Dylan Silvia | 2nd Camera: Erin Morlock

Bellow: Eye of the Storm V.2, digital preview/dome mock-up, 30 seconds, 2017



Dome dimensions:

Ceiling Height: 22 ft (6.7 M)

Diameter at Base: 44 ft (13 M)

Floor Space 1,520 Sq. Ft (141 Sq. M)