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Exhibit press excerpts:

Boston Globe review:

"Two new takes on packaging are in the bag: Small space, big potential," By Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, July 30, 2008

Small space, big potential

Summer seems to have become the season for exhibiting young artists. This past week, "Nascent" opened. It's a small exhibit put together by James Manning, a curator who has long taken an interest in emerging artists...

...Video installation artist Georgie Friedman['s] ..."Seas and Skies" rush and heave deliriously, the skies move sedately, and the horizon line never changes, despite the rising and falling waves. It's deliciously disorienting...

Big Red & Shiny: Big Red On the Town

(photos from the opening night):

Big Red On The Town: Friday, July 25th 2008

The Boston Phoenix:

"Flora, fauna, and the female figure: Art Nouveau Jewelry at the MFA, ‘Players’ on MIT’s Media Test Wall, and ‘Nascent’ at NESAD" by Randi Hopkins, The Phoenix, July 15, 2008


Georgie Friedman, Seas and Skies Installation Version III, at NESAD Gallery, 2008

The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University is

pleased to present “Nascent.” The five artists in this exhibit are

engaged in an examination of perceptions of reality and give their own

interpretations of personally influential events and ideas.

Thematically, the works in this exhibit are tied together by each

artists own manipulations of reality, life forms re-imagined, new

landscapes and histories envisioned.

“Nascent” features the work of recent graduates of Boston area art

schools. James Manning, curator of the exhibit states, “As a long time

supporter of student and emerging artists, I believe it is especially

important to support and encourage artists as they make the leap from

student to life as a professional artist. Life as a student can be an

isolating experience working within the same group for several years.

Shows such as this one are an important step as it gives these artists

a chance to show the very best of their student output to a new

audience of peers that would have not have had the opportunity to see

this work otherwise. It also allows fresh feedback as they continue on

with new work.”

Mike Farley (2008, BFA, New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk

University) Farley explores how separate natural elements can be

combined to create new life forms.  His work is informed by the

natural world, organic structures, and biology.

Cathleen Faubert, (2008, MFA, Museum School/Tufts University) Faubert

focuses on the intersection of hedonism, escapism, excess, the uncanny

and the carnivalesque. In her photographs she is seen floating above

and crashing into mounds of cotton candy.

Georgie Friedman, (2008, MFA, Museum School/Tufts University) Friedman creates an idealized, meditative environment by seamlessly integrating separate sky and water elements in her projected video installation.

Pete Froslie (2008, MFA, Massachusetts College of Art & Design) In his

work, Froslie explores diverse tangents, from alchemy to alternate

histories and questions our common perceptions.  The life of John

Wilks Booth is re-imaged by his interactive, multimedia installation

presented in Nascent.

Lizzy Martinez (2008 MFA, Boston University) Martinez is a painter who

has also extensively studied the anatomy of cadavers. In her work she

is quite literally looking at her own ‘inner workings’ while creating

a complicated personal mythology.

The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University is

located near the Arlington Green Line T stop across from the Park

Plaza Hotel.