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Subtidal Goals

A live, outdoor cinema and video event that envisions the life below the surface of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park with work by:

  1. john "b" berzins

  2. georgie friedman

  3. diana stasko

  4. and performances by:

  5. lisa blatt

  6. wayne grim

  7. lee montgomery

  8. ian winters & evelyn ficarra

presented by the illuminated corridor

oakland, ca

rain or shine
fm radio essential

an illuminated corridor
built from public input
and collective creativity

The corridor is convening in Middle Harbor Shoreline Park to envision new work and engage artists and the public in discussions of the site's layered identity.

  1. *subtidal: the zone just below the low-water mark of the tide that is never exposed, even at low tide.

the illuminated corridor series presents:

A one-night event video installation event

Saturday, May 30, 2009

7pm - 9:30pm