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Beers.Lambert Contemporary, London, is pleased to release the short list of successful candidates across all media to advance to the next stage of the judging process.  These 77 successful candidates were chosen from 1,500 international submissions.

Please note that all names listed below are alphabetical by first name.

Short listed for the 2012 International Beers.Lambert Award for Emerging Art

 Matan Ashkenazy


Matt Sheridan


Matthew Allen


Michael Lent


Miran Kres


Miriam Austin


Nika Neelova


Oeystein Dahlstroem


Ohm Phanphiroj


Prachi Gothi


Ray Sweeten / Lisa Gwilliam


Rebecca Kinsey


Richard Stone


Romen Gouveia


Ross Calia


Sarah Knill-Jones


Sarah Mace Dennis


Schwark Robert


Scott Carter


Shi Wei Teh


Steve More


Timo Wright


Travis Leroy Southworth


Uygur Yilmaz


Volha Piashho


Wen-hua Chen

Eddie Villanueva


Eden Auerbach Ofrat


Ethan Sigmon


Faye Mullen


Gabriel Dawe


Gala Knorr


Georgie Friedman


Gurmit Kaur Campbell


Heike Jobst


Henrik Uldalen


Ian Johnson


Jack West


Jeffrey Donaldson


Joanne Aylmer

Jonathan Anderson


Julia Burns / Enrico Ho


Jumpei Shimada


Jwan Yosef


Kevin Callaghan


Konstantin Zlatev

Lenka Vesela


Leo Koivistoinen


Lisa Traxler


Louise Gibson


Maren Juell Kristensen


Mark McCullough



Agnes Szikra


Aimee Parrott


Alan Fortescue


Alberto Torres Hernandez


Alexandra Bergman


Alice Von Maltzahn


Alicia Eggert


Alicja Dobrucka


Alison Gill


Arnout Killan


Barbara Bartos


Brett East


Caroline-Jane Harris


Charley Peters


Chris Bierl


Christopher Badger


Christopher Matthews


Clair Graubner


Claire Ashley


Clinton Hayden


Cornelia Baltes


Corrie Slawson

David Favrod


David Sargerson


David-Ashley Kerr


Beers.Lambert Contemporary announces a new award for emerging artists worldwide: the First Annual Beers.Lambert Award for Emerging Art is a prize awarded to up to 8 emerging, contemporary artists working in all disciplines and open to artists internationally. Unlike other awards that present one overall winner with a lump monetary sum, Beers.Lambert aims to assist as many artists as possible by awarding artists based on category, and judging artists apart from others working within the same discipline, and not against those working outside of one's particular discipline. In this regard, up to 8 winners will each walk away with a monetary prize and become part of the growing award-package (further details of our partners and the full-award package will be released shortly). 

As one of its primary operating initiatives, Beers.Lambert's artist-support program has always believed in nurturing emerging artists and celebrating excellence in emerging contemporary art. Now, our newest initiative coincides with our gallery relocation to its brand new space on Baldwin Street at Old Street in the heart of the East London. The Beers.Lambert Award for Emerging Artwas born and devised as a method to recognize outstanding achievement and/or promise in the arts and to present emerging artists with a unique exhibition opportunity in London, and offer international exposure to under-represented artists to help them succeed.

The award is intended to give back to the artistic community and reward and support emerging artists regardless of age, gender, ethnic background and/or geographical location or proximity to the UK's vibrant art-scene. Furthermore, the award was established to acknowledge and celebrate an outstanding group of artists in each of the primary artistic disciplines by offering (monetary and non-monetary) recognition for international emerging artists who can be seen as shaping the direction of contemporary art through commitment and dedication to their artistic practice. The award will consider criteria such as progression, innovation, excellence and ‘general talent’ in 4 predominating artistic fields: 1) painting and drawing; 2) photography, collage and 2D; 3) sculpture, installation and 3d; 4) and a final multidisciplinary category that acknowledges video art, performance, technology-based and/or new-media, as well as other forms that may defy classification.

Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art | 1 Baldwin Street | London, UK | EC1V 9NU