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The Beehive  -  Sting! XXI: Kind of Blue

OPENING: October 27, 2015


Michael Bühler-Rose | Marc Cooper | Blake Fitch | Georgie Friedman

Tanja Hollander | Neeta Madahar | David Ortins | Bill Thompson | David X. Levine

Sting! XXI: Kind of Blue - Inspired by the Miles Davis/John Coltaine album "Kind of Blue," an album many regard as not only jazz's greatest record, but one of the most influential albums ever recorded, the work included in our 21st art exhibition is similarly cool, romantic and melancholic as the album and of course gorgeously blue.

For this 21st installment of Sting!, Jennifer Epstein worked with four local galleries, Carroll and Sons, Center Street Studio, Miller Yezerski Gallery and Steven Zevitas Gallery, to curate this one-of-a-kind show.

Georgie Friedman will be exhibiting three photographic grids from Flight Series.

The Beehive

541 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116