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This video diptych ranges from iceberg details to vast seascapes of icebergs moving out to sea. The icebergs become both literal and metaphoric representations of Antarctica's shrinking perimeter. In the Wake of Icebergs pairs incongruous seascapes to allude to the fracturing of the environment, and to highlight the enormous amount of sea and landscape that can not be seen within the frame.

Filmed in Antarctica, January 2017.

Screening info:

Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, April - Sept 2019.

Blindness, Muratcentoventidue-Artecontemporanea, Bari, Italy, October 24 – December 16, 2020.

Curators can request a private link to a short preview.



Video stills:

Georgie Friedman, In the Wake of Icebergs, Two-channel video stills, 2019